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you may never understand how the stranger is inspired

but he isn't always evil and he is not always wrong

Dr. James Wilson
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About this journal
First and foremost, this journal contains NC-17 content -- if you are offended by adult material, particularly slash, please refrain from reading.

This journal is used for various different rpgs and muse writing communities -- all of which are listed bellow, in colour-cordination: Hearts And Minds, Grand Central Station, Fandom Muses, Artistic License. None of these games have anything to do with each other, thus none of the canon for any of these games relates to the other. Each of the entries, RP or fics or otherwise, are clearly labelled for which game they belong to.

Disclaimer: James Wilson, as much as I love him, doesn't belong to me; he belongs to David Shore. This journal is in no way affiliated with House, M.D., James Wilson or anything else associated with the aforementioned. Robert Sean Leonard doesn't belong to me, either, though I can fantasise...
Hearts And Minds -- hearts_andminds
Dr. James Evan Wilson was born February 28th, 1968, and is the middle child of three brothers, his eldest brother called Jacob and his youngest brother called Joshua. He is unhappily married to his third wife, Julie.

He was the Head of Oncology in Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, until the day he found himself in the village of Haurvatat one Saturday morning, after a night of heavy drinking. The night before, he'd spent his evening in the bar and, while he has no memory of it, he'd got in his car with the intention of heading home, only to end up lost and alone in the mysterious, unknown village. Wilson woke up sprawled in a small field of grass, his car missing, the only clothes with him being the ones on his body, and no clue as to how he got there.

The canonical point in which Wilson enters the village of Haurvatat is just before 'No Reason'. He is currently involved with Greg House (twerpwithcane), established and runs the village clinic, and shares his hotel room with House. He has yet to finalise his divorce from Julie.
Grand Central Station -- grand_cntrl_stt
Born in Westwood, New Jersey, on February 28th, 1968, James Evan Wilson was raised in a strict upper-middle class Jewish family. He is the middle of three brothers, his eldest brother known as Paul, and his youngest brother known as David. Working as Head of Oncology at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, he separated from his wife after he learned of her cheating on him, and moved in with Greg House until he found himself somewhere else to live.

When he eventually did move out, it was with a patient of his called Grace; he started an affair with her, and it was just after he moved out of House's place and into Grace's that House packed up his life and moved to New York, leaving Wilson to spiral deeper and deeper into a relationship with Grace. It was only because of a stark revelation that he was letting his life spin out of control that Wilson rashly decided to leave Grace, and he packed nothing but a few changes of clothes, left his car and all his belongings and caught the train to New York. This is the canonical point in which Wilson enters grand_cntrl_stt.

He is currently living with and involved with Greg House (gotcanewillpoke), works in House's clinic, and has established a close friendship with Sophie Neveu (half_divine), whom he met by complete chance. He has yet to finalise his divorce from Julie.

A detailed history of James Wilson can be read here.
Fandom Muses -- fandom_muses
Dr. James Wilson starts in fandom_muses where 'No Reason' left off. When the next series of House, M.D. starts, Wilson will follow as it happens in canon, working anything that may happen to him in rp into the canon.

Wilson is currently separated from his third wife, is currently not involved with anyone, and is living on his own in a small apartment about fifteen minutes' drive from Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Wilson is open for RP, so don't feel shy to come along and comment or rp in his journal.

For the most part, his involvement in fandom_muses is mainly prompt-only until he becomes more established in and around the FM 'verse. All his prompt responses will be archived in memories.
Artistic License -- licenseartistic
There is no canonical point that James Wilson has entered licenseartistic -- the responses are prompt-only, usually in fic form, however rp is welcome to any of the responses Wilson makes. All prompt responses are archived in Wilson's memories.